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Crafting Contemporary Classics.
South African wines so often tread the line between the old world and the new, between time-honed legacies and technological modernity, and for Zonnebloem’s range of award winning wines, this balance of classic and contemporary is ever present.

Limited Edition

Our wines are authentic, textured, expressive and graceful. They are made to last and our philosophy is driven by the purity of winemaking and the hands that turn each vintage into a masterpiece.

Red Wine

Our red wines reflect their origin and provenance, sourced from the finest vineyards in Stellenbosch where the diversity of slopes and deep red soils produce wines of distinction.

White Wine

Vibrant and expressive our white wines portray the true varietal characteristics of each cultivar. With a zesty acidity, the wines are intensely flavourful, structured and complex with a combination of aromas.

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Quality takes time.
Excellence take a little longer.

Zonnebloem is a brand that stands for craftsmanship in all its forms. From the farms that produce our grapes who use the earth as their canvas to create the fruit which lends our wines their rich, distinctive character; to the winemakers who use the skills they have learned and developed over generations to produce the rich varietals and blends that make up the Zonnebloem stable – craft has been at the heart of our winemaking process since the 17th century.

Recipes, Awards and More Recipes, Awards and More

Recipes, Awards and More

Enjoying food and wine pairings? Browse through a collection of recipes handpicked and paired with a selection of Zonnebloem Red and White Wines.

Our Craftswomen Our Craftswomen

Our Craftswomen

We are extremely proud to have an all-women winemaking team. Get to know our White and Red Winemakers lead by our Cellar Master.


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Our commitment to craft doesn’t end with the bottled product.
Zonnebloem invests in craftsmen and artisans to ensure that every bottle is presented, and enjoyed, in a way that speaks to the care that went into its creation..

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Discover Our Wines

Our commitment to craft doesn’t end with the bottled product.

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