Premium Range of Wines Launched in Convenient Bag-in-Box

Keeping in line with consumers’ need for value without compromising on taste or quality, two well-known premium brands have launched their wine in convenient bag-in-box packaging.

The award-winning Zonnebloem is now offering their premium wine in 2L slim boxes that not only fits easily in the fridge but offers an elegant addition to the dinner table.

Zonnebloem will present their Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in the new format.

With a reasonable pricing of approximately R190 for the bag-in-box, wine lovers can enjoy a single glass of wine without wasting the rest of a bottle. The box also keeps the wine fresher for longer (up to 4 weeks in the fridge) and can travel where glass can’t.

Presented in a beautiful design, mirroring the decal found on the bottles, the two bag-in-box wines join the growing trend abroad, especially in Scandinavia, where bag-in-box has been dominating for a number of years.

Tasting Notes

Zonnebloem Cabernet Sauvignon – A generous red wine with true varietal expression. Gorgeous intense dark red in colour with alluring aromas of blackcurrants, dark berries, raspberries and oak spice. The wine is full-bodied and smoky with ripe plum and raspberry fruit flavours and hints of cloves and oak spice.

Zonnebloem Merlot – Juicy and fruit-forward, the wine is a lovely ruby red colour with a bouquet of red fruit, mulberry and hints of cigar box and oak spice. Elegant and medium-to full-bodied, the delicate red fruit integrates brilliantly with the oak flavours to deliver a well-balanced, lingering finish.

The premium bag-in-box wines will be available nationwide from leading wine outlets.


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