Thinking outside the Bottle

In Australia they have a different way of talking about the need for a new perspective or idea – they call it thinking outside the square.

This unconventional way of referring to being creative really got me thinking about the age-old debate of bottled vs boxed wine. And that got me thinking literally outside the bottle!

We’ve all been there, judging a wine on its appearance rather than on the taste.

We immediately form an opinion, assuming that some brand names are always superior to others. We voice our love or hate for the colour or typography on the label, how the bottle feels in our hand when we pour it, and whether it would suitably impress our friends or in-laws.

Important to note that all of this happens before we’ve even tasted the wine!

When it comes to boxed wine we certainly are at our critical best. Our prejudice runs so deep, we don’t even bother to spend time forming an opinion about the name or the image on the box, let alone tasting the wine. Instead, we hastily judge the person serving it.

But as a winemaker, I can assure you that these days, if you continue to be biased you are missing out on some incredible wines in a convenient serving format that is, in my opinion, the best thing since sliced bread!

Sure, the poor-quality boxed wine from those earlier years certainly didn’t help the image of boxed wine. But that was a long time ago. Today, there are a number of premium wines available as bag-in-box, offering enormous convenience without compromising on quality. The boxes are elegant and slimline, and rather beautifully presented. Like our Zonnebloem Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon – I love the compact size and the fact that I can now take my wine where glass can’t go.

As a society, we’ve come a long way since about 8000 years ago when the Neolithic people housed their wines in ceramic jars.

And just as people embraced (possibly with some resistance at first too!) the revolution of glass moulds, I know that boxed wine is now taking its rightful place on the shelf and at the dining table.

Cheers to thinking differently!
Bonnie van Niekerk
Red winemaker

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