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People have literally written poetry about red wine. But have you ever seen or heard a lyrical moment include a white-wine cultivar? I certainly haven’t and I guess it lies in the fact that many […]

Thinking Outside The Bottle

In Australia they have a different way of talking about the need for a new perspective or idea – they call it thinking outside the square. This unconventional way of referring to being creative really […]

Premium Range Of Wines Launched In Convenient Bag-in-Box

Keeping in line with consumers’ need for value without compromising on taste or quality, two well-known premium brands have launched their wine in convenient bag-in-box packaging. The award-winning Zonnebloem is now offering their premium wine […]

You Had Me At Tannin

Tannin. The word might have cropped up in conversation, at a tasting or the back of a wine label. It’s a strange name flung together with descriptive words like ‘mouthfeel’, ‘structure’ and even ‘silky’ and […]

Life Lessons From The Grape Varietal Guru

Life Lessons From The Grape Varietal Guru

Sauvignon Blanc – the grape varietal that continues to provoke strong reactions, both positive and negative – I guess in the same way as one might feel about the arrival of the New Year with […]

The Value Of Non-Traditional Traditions

Being raised by let’s call them, Hippies (think 1970s – dad wearing kaftans with a long red beard and hair) tradition was never our thing – not Christmas or any holiday for that matter. And […]

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